Man Found Guilty Of Manslaughter

Posted on Tuesday, September 12, 2017 14:56 PM

A judge has found a 22 year old man guilty of manslaughter in relation to the 2014 stabbing death outside the Silver City theatre. 

Shane Patrick Ashpanaquestcum was originally charged with second degree murder in Dennis Franklin Cromarty student Daniel Levac's death but plead guilty to the lesser charge. 

Levac's family left the court room crying when the statement of facts from that night were read to the judge. 

Those facts include that Levac died from a stab to the heart and was unarmed at the time. 

Court also heard that Ashpanaquestcum was drinking that October night when he got involved in an altercation with Levac.

Justice D.C. Shaw asked Ashpanaquestcum if he understood that by pleading to this charge that he is saying he unlawfully caused the death of Levac, to which he said yes. 

Shaw then said he will sentence him as he saw fit. 

Ashpanaquestcum will be sentenced on January 9th, 2018. (Photo by Sheri Leviski-Kotyk)