Students Embrace Technology

Posted on Friday, January 12, 2018 14:38 PM

Students with the Lakehead School Board are embracing technology.

Spokesperson Gino Russo says they've put a real focus on coding by encouraging kids to learn computer programming.

"You know they are immersed in technology but they aren't necessarily immersed in controlling it or commanding it. The excitement they get when they are able to program the computer, make an app or control a robot is pretty exciting for them."

"The tech sector is growing, it's outpacing other areas of the economy.  These skills are needed in any employment that they are seeking, even if they aren't going into the tech sector." 

Russo says it's a good way to learn math and language skills. 

"It has strong math and literacy connections.  If you are going to make a game say like Angry Birds, you need math to plot the trajectory of the bird and see where it's going to land, but you also need language to explain how the game works." 

Area public schools are bringing robotics, virtual reality and 3D printing into the classroom.