Week Two Of Hockey Player Sexual Assault Trial

Posted on Monday, February 12, 2018 11:43 AM

The key witness in the sexual assault trial of two former University of Ottawa hockey players is being cross examined by the defence today. 

The trial is now into its second week,  with Guillaume Donovan and David Foucher pleading not guilty to the charge last week. 

The alleged incident is said to have happened in a south side hotel room in February of 2014. 

Most of the alleged victim's testimony surrounded messages exchanged between herself and former Gee Gee's player Taylor Collins. 

Defence lawyer Christian Deslauriers reviewed the exchange noting that Collins suggested to her how she could make the police investigation go away by telling police she was good with what happened that night, but it was up to her. 

Court heard she wrote to Collins that she promised to say those words to police. 

The exchange also showed Collins told her that she could say that her friend blew the incident out of proportion.

Court heard she also told Collins that the police didn't know who on the team was involved in the incident and neither did she. 

Collins went on to tell her, "that she needed to stress that nothing bad happened" and wished her good luck when speaking with police. 

Deslauriers then questioned her about the message she sent to Collins that said she lost her phone because she got hammered and misplaced it on the way home from the bar. 

The woman confirmed that she did write that and that she also messaged Collins to say that at least now the police officer investigating the incident didn't have her phone number. 

She testified that she didn't remember if she was in contact with Collins later that night when she was in the hospital but she did know that there was a meeting taking place between the players and their coach. 

She also testified that she hasn't spoken to her friends about the trial other than in 2015 when they just spoke about it moving forward. 

Cross examination also focused on each time she spoke with police about the incident. 

Court heard the first time she spoke with them, she told officers that whatever they think has happened didn't. 

The second time she spoke with police, she came forward saying there was a number of naked bodies standing around her detailing the incident. 

Deslauriers asked her when she provided her second statement to police, if she could tell who the men were and she answered no. 

She also testified that when she spoke to police she wasn't aware if the Captain of the team was in the room with her.