Police Chair Details Conversations About Mayor

Posted on Wednesday, December 6, 2017 16:43 PM

The prosecution's line up of witnesses is a who's who of the policing world.

Police Service Board Chair Jackie Dojack was the last witness to be called for the Crown at suspended Police Chief JP Levesque's breach of trust and obstruction of justice trial. 

Dojack also reiterated the details of a meeting she had with Levesque and Inspector Sylvie Hauth about Mayor Keith Hobbs extortion case.

They met up in Levesque's office after the board's December 19th, 2016 board meeting. 

She noted it was because she had just come back from holidays, and Levesque was getting ready to leave for his so there was a brief window of time to have this face-to-face discussion. 

Dojack said Levesque made her aware that the RCMP were investigating Mayor Hobbs and that he was afraid that it might hit the press and he wanted her to be aware. 

She told lawyers that the meeting was just for information sharing. 

She said she had a second chat later that week over the phone with Levesque. 

Dojack told court, he told her that he had told the Mayor that he could expect to be contacted by the RCMP. 

Levesque's lawyer Brian Gover said it wasn't unusual for the Chief and Dojack to dialogue about information that was pertinent to the police service. 

Dojack said that Levesque would tell her confidential information if there was a chance it may go public because of her role as the Chair of the Police Services Board.

The Police Board Chair added that she never made confidential information public even with other members of the board. 

She said that the Chief was concerned about a potential leak and that this information could get out to the press while they were both out of town and the new Deputy Chief Hauth would be alone. 

Dojack told Levesque's Lawyer that she didn't see anything wrong with him providing her this information.   

She added that Hauth also didn't express any concern that he was telling her this information in either word or body language.  

Dojack also admitted that she had heard that Mayor Hobbs was still in contact with members of the City Police Services rank and file.

She explained the relationship between Mayor Hobbs and Chief Levesque is a professional one and not personal.  

Dojack has known Levesque since 2008 and told court his reputation in the community is an honest man with high integrity.