College To Expand Construction Programs In 2018

Posted on Sunday, December 31, 2017 16:30 PM

Growth and optimism is top of mind for the President of Confederation College moving into 2018. 

Jim Madder is looking forward to expanding construction and technology programs, and introducing new ones like the Indigenous Governance program. 

He feels that the new Digital Media Production program represents advancing technology moving into 2018. 

Madder admits he's amazed at what anyone can do from their home computer. "It's providing more opportunities for small operators," Madder explains, "It's been intriguing around television, the move from television to more screen time that's online." 

He notes the college also has its sights on finishing construction of the Minowaadiziiwin Wellness Centre in 2018

Madder adds the school will be looking at help from the five other colleges across the northwest to reach more potential students. (File Photo)