VIDEO: Dennis Franklin Cromarty HS Hosts Cooking Competition

Posted on Monday, April 16, 2018 16:25 PM

Culinary students at Dennis Franklin Cromarty High School showed off their skills in a cooking competition. 

David Wolfman tells us that the students certainly impressed him, displaying plenty of creativity. 

"They're using products that they've never used before," Wolfman pointed out during the two-hour Kitchen Warriors event held in the school's cooking classroom. 

Wolfman is a member of the Xaxli’p First Nation in BC, and a professor at George Brown College in Toronto, specializing in what he calls Indigenous Fusion cooking. 

He adds that a big part of the exercise was learning to work together on the dishes. 

"Although we're calling it a Kitchen Warriors cooking competition, it's really about them getting to work together as a team for an objective," 

Grade 10 student Chinodin Neekan admits he was a little nervous, since it was also being broadcast live online. 

"It's been exciting and kind of scary for me, at least," he explains. 

Eleven students took part in the challenge. 

Wolfman says he travels across the country doing similar events and teaching cooking skills.

"Part of what I do is share knowledge," he notes, "I've had a lot of knowledge shared from the elders with me, chefs I've worked with in the past who have spent hours and hours teaching me how to cook,"

"This is just part of what I do now, is give back."(Photo/Video: Caroline Redston)