Listener Highlights Safety Concern

Posted on Friday, April 28, 2017 13:46 PM

With the ice storm behind us there's a major safety concern that's being brought to our attention. 

One of our listeners notes that a number of people have neglected to remove the ice from their vehicle roofs. 

Marge Buhler-Moore has had some potentially dangerous encounters with it herself as she was driving along Highway 17 today. 

Several times, she witnessed massive sheets of ice flying off of vehicles, including big trucks. 

Buhler-Moore is hoping all of us take this into account as we start the process of removing the ice from our cars,  trucks and SUV's.

City police say it's the responsiblity of owners to make sure their vehicles are safe and road worthy.  (Photo: Geoff Waterfield)

April 28, 2017

Flying and Falling Ice Hazards

The Thunder Bay Police Service is urging motorists to be extra vigilant in clearing their entire vehicle. Incidents of large sheets of ice releasing from the roof tops of moving vehicles is causing very dangerous situation to occur. It is incumbent upon motorists to ensure their vehicle is roadworthy at all time. 

In addition, citizens are encouraged to be aware of the potential of ice dropping from buildings as the temperature rises. With the high amount of ice that has built up, there is potential for large chunks of falling ice.