Most Parents Want Child Care Status Quo

Posted on Tuesday, November 14, 2017 10:39 AM

Some form of child care service will remain in Thunder Bay, as the city looks at options over amalgamation of services or leaving the status quo.

City spokesperson Emma Westover says not having any child care is not an option.

"When the task force brought the report back in September. That was not recommended it was ruled out the report actually went into some details on why child care was so important to our City."  

Westover understands most parents don't want change, however the city has noted cost savings can be achieved if something is done. 

Meanwhile, A Thunder Bay father is hoping nothing changes as the city works at options on child care services.

Lance hopes the city doesn't amalgamate services, which is an option.

He adds he always believed that family should raise kids, not other people, until he started working in the system. (File photo)