Simpson St. Construction Causing Anxiety For Business

Posted on Friday, June 30, 2017 07:27 AM

A Simpson Street business owner is on pins and needles because of construction outside of his store.

In a post on social media that has since been removed, Glen Girardin says the sales at European Bakery suffered during last year's road work, and may have to close up shop temporarily because of the road closure.

Speaking with our newsroom, he explains it may be less costly to simply not run the bakery's oven until the street re-opens.

"They're replacing some pretty old, serious stuff down there, and obviously there's going to be potential delays. But, unfortunately, I can't afford a whole bunch of delays with the flow of traffic to my place."

The post also asked customers to weigh in on the parking availability in that area of Simpson. 

Girardin explains that's another issue facing businesses along that stretch of road.

"Some of the biggest complaints that are addressed to me is how far it is for somebody to walk if it's in the snow, or if the snow hasn't been removed, or how far it is from the parking meters. So, I'm just trying to pass on my customers' information."

If he's forced to close due to the construction, Girardin says, "Wouldn't it be nice if, when I did potentially re-open, the parking issue was fixed."

However, he says he isn't attacking the city. Girardin says he won't take his complaints to City Council, but notes Councillor Aldo Ruberto reached out to him after he made the post on Facebook. 

"I do believe that the city is trying, but they can't do anything without the support of people. If people don't want the parking down here, or make enough noise about it, it won't happen."

As for the location of any new parking, he says customers have complained that the flower bed that was installed outside his business is often filled with weeds, adding it "would make a much nicer parking spot."