GRAPHIC: Heated Cross Examination Of Key Witness

Posted on Monday, February 12, 2018 17:05 PM

Heated cross examination of a key witness in the sexual assault trial of two former University of Ottawa hockey players, Guillaume Donovan and David Foucher. 

The alleged incident was said to have happened in a south side hotel in February of 2014. 

Defence lawyer Christian Deslauriers asked her to answer if a number of statements were true or not based on things she may or may not have told her friends.  

In the most part, she said she didn't tell her friends the things Deslaurier was suggesting. 

He also put to her that someone approached herself and her date Taylor Collins to ask if he could join them.  She answered, that did not happen, several times. 

Deslauriers also suggested that she regretted saying yes to the threesome, and she shot back "that threesome never happened."  

She did however agree that she was scared when she saw many men in the bedroom with her.  

He then suggested to her that the sex she had was consensual.  She again answered no.   

Deslauriers put to her the reason she turned down doing a rape kit at the hospital was because she wasn't raped. She answered no. 

He closed the day suggesting she lied to her friends about what happened that night because a good girl wouldn't have a threesome.  Once again she shot back no. 

Much of the testimony earlier Monday afternoon revlolved around the comments the alleged victim told police and what she said in the court room last week.

In some cases wording differed or the location of people in the hotel room with her was different.

Deslauriers asked her, if there was anyway for her to know that the men in the room with her were on the hockey team, to which she answered no.

According to the transcript of what she told police, the incident ended when her phone rang.

She testified that she told police that the guys around her were laughing before it rang.

In her police interview, she said she picked up her phone, the lights turned on, so she got her stuff and left the room.

Questioning turned to the amount of alcohol she drank that night and Deslaurier asked if she has a drinking problem.  She answered no. 

Defence lawyer Celine Saint-Francois will conduct her cross examination of the witness Tuesday morning. (File photo)