Tribunal Continues With Chief Testimony

Posted on Thursday, August 31, 2017 14:35 PM

Examination of the Chief of Sandy Lake First Nation continued Thursday.

Bart Meekis spoke at the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal examining the community's decision to remove a guest from their reserve.

He told the hearing that there was no record or minutes from the band council's meeting to discuss asking guest Angele Kamalatisit to leave.

The letter that was sent to her says the council continues to get reliable information that she was making comments publicly that were causing social unrest.

Meekis explained that he didn't have specifics about the negative comments that Kamalatisit was to have said.

He said there reliable source was community members that weren't named that spoke to two council members.

Meekis also disagreed with Kamalatisit's claim that she was kicked out because of her common law partner's concerns over the community's 2012 election. 

Meekis says as long as Kamalatisit asks band council to come back she can return.

He added she could have inquired one year after she was removed from the community in 2012.  

When being questioned by Kamalatisit, she asked did I have a right to speak for myself about the bands concerns about me? 

Meekis replied I've never heard of a guest addressing the band council, it's never been done, visitors can not address the council with whatever issue they have. 

He added that Kamalatisit is still his friend, that she's always been my friend but he has to abide by the rules and the people's wishes. 

The tribunal has space set aside at the Victoria Inn for this hearing until Friday. (Staff photo)