Affordable Child Care Needed For Middle Class Families

Posted on Tuesday, March 13, 2018 11:27 AM

A local business owner and City Councillor is frustrated with a lack of affordable child care for mothers who make just above minimum wage. 

Unveiled Bridal Boutique's Shelby Ch'ng tells us in some cases it's just too expensive for her employees to come back from maternity leave.

"One staff member actually moved back to Winnipeg because they have better subsidized daycare and I get it. I want my staff to feel supported and included but there is a gap and I lose staff. It's costly to rehire and train people." 

Ch'ng says her former employee now pays seven dollars a day for daycare in Winnipeg.   

She says in many cases she's heard from women that it's more expensive to go back to work than staying at home.  

Ch’ng would like to see the Federal government help find a cheaper option for those families who earn a middle class salary.  

City daycare services already have a lengthy wait list and Ch'ng feels more study is needed. (File photo)