Back To Drawing Board For BIA

Posted on Tuesday, November 14, 2017 13:20 PM

The Fort William Business Improvement Area's rebrand isn't going as well as planned.

Spokesperson Kristina Belanger says they've halted work on it since many members were miffed they weren't involved from day one.

"We've definitely put it on hold for now.  What we are thinking of doing is putting it on hold until our annual general meeting in April 2018, finding a way that we can have them engage from start to finish." 

Belanger adds two of their four proposed names didn't go over well on social media and they include Billy's Town and River's End, the other two being Uptown and the Kaministiqua District. 

"You know a few people understandably are a little bit upset about River's End just given what the community's gone through in the past year.  Billy's Town was derived from Fort William but people didn't really care for that option. There were a couple that people who liked keeping those ones, but taking off the ones we got more negative feedback for and adding suggestions as they come."